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Zermatt Parka

$725 $1450

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  • Technical Wool and Nylon Blend
  • Water and Wind Resistent
  • Goose Down Filling
  • Push Buttons
  • Two Way Zip
  • Lightweight
  • Alcantara Trim
The Cavour Zermatt fishtail parka pays homage to the golden era of Italian alpine mountaineering, drawing inspiration from the glory days of leisure and exploration in the breathtaking Alps. This meticulously crafted garment embodies the spirit of adventure with its thoughtful design elements. The parka boasts a hood that provides both practicality and style, offering protection against the elements while capturing the essence of classic mountaineering gear. The fishtail split adds a touch of nostalgia, reminiscent of vintage outdoor apparel, allowing for ease of movement and a distinctive aesthetic. Thoughtful details such as flap pockets enhance the parka's functionality, providing ample storage for essentials during alpine excursions. Completing the look, ribbed cuffs contribute to both comfort and warmth, making the Cavour Zermatt fishtail parka a timeless piece that seamlessly combines heritage-inspired style with modern functionality.


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