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Edward Green

​ «Excellence without compromise» is a slogan Edward Green lives by. The English shoe company was founded in 1890 in England, by Mr Green himself. Edward Green began his career in the footwear industry at the age of 12, the young «clicker» - who's name derives from the «click» sound made when cutting the leather against wood. From this vital-but repetitive work, Edward became so captivated with the industry, and later on founded his own workshop in the shoemaking capital of Northampton. Cut and crafted by hand, from the world´s best leather. Every single pair that walks out the factory has gone through meticulously artisanal processes. Such as the hand-cutting of the leather and or the soles that are bark-tanned for nine months, to ensure unrivaled comfort. A pair of Edward Green is imbued with a classic sense of style and is made to last.
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