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100 Hands

It takes about 35 hours and 45 minutes to make a 100 hands shirt. And yes given its name, it takes 100 hands to complete. Each shirt goes through 50 people before it reaches its wearer. Every stage of the shirt-making process from the cutting, pasting, pattern matching is all done by a different pair of hands, a very unique and time-consuming process. Yet it produces the best shirt a person can own. You will not only receive a high-quality handcrafted shirt but also receive the artisan’s stories that are woven into the shirt at each part of the unique production process, Only a limited amount of shirts are made per year at the factory in Amritsar, India and each shirt is truly a masterpiece. 100 Hands shirts are exclusively available as ready-to-wear and made to measure at our store Oslo, Vikaterrassen.
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