Saint Crispin’s


Saint Crispin’s trace our beginnings back to approximately 1985 when they began to produce their first hand made bespoke shoes alongside the activities as shoe designers for various international shoe manufacturers.

They formally organized under the name “Saint Crispin’s” in 1992 and begun selling their first bespoke shoes under our name in Germany and Italy to select group of discerning gentlemen. Soon after 2003 they produced their first series of ready-to-wear shoes alongside the bespoke offering. Continuing with the development of their ready-to-wear approach and the implementation of a unique customization program, the have streamlined operations in order to produce even more unique products and ensure better delivery timeframes for their clients.

Today Saint Crispin’s remains an independent, family-focused business making some of the world’s finest handmade shoes for gentlemen and women.

Saint Crispin’s does not exclusively follow the Viennese shoemaker tradition but, rather, they produce their shoes utilizing the benefits of Viennese tradition with a sophisticated, elegant, and timeless style recognized and appreciated worldwide.

We at are very proud to be one of their selected retailers and are truly blessed to have Mr. Phillip Car coming to us for trunk shows in Oslo a few times a year.



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