Richard J. Brown


The Richard J Brown denim collection is designed for lovers of luxury products, for their sartorial taste and craftsmanship. A jeans which is characterized by attention to detail, starting from the choice of precious fabrics, Italian or Japanese companies of great denim textile tradition as Kuroki, up to a careful selection of colours and materials for tags, labels, buttons and rivets. Produced exclusively in Italy by personnel highly qualified in cutting and tailoring, and treated by specialists in the colouring and the aging of materials.

True to the classic lines of its heritage, in 2007 the Richard J. Brown brand intensely interpreted the study of garments closer to the ideals of personalization, relying entirely on Made in Italy know-how, articulate, meticulous and attentive to the smallest details. The innovative identity was established when Christian Rossi, already an important player in the commercial aspects of the product and always eager to take on a project of his own, took the lead in May 2014. He started an operation of corporate makeover with the support and expertise of Silvia, his partner in life and from that moment on, also business partner.

With a long experience in the field of fashion and luxury, they together developed the universe of new collections and put a fashion signature on the new identity of the brand. Their partnership based on mutual trust and passion, their strong and sincere relationship and all-around harmony guarantee the Richard J. Brown brand solidity, transparency and timeliness towards to its suppliers and customers.



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