Moorer is the creator of exclusive and sophisticated garments, suitable for any man that wants to dress in a classy, modern, fun and functional way. Cavour has selected the most beautiful Moorer men’s jackets and added those to our extended collection of men’s clothing. Are you looking for a warm coat that helps you through to winter or a light and thin item that gives you just enough warmth in summer? Find the item that suits your wishes and needs best on this page.

Being one of the top up-and-coming Italian luxury brands, Moorer produces the finest coats imaginable. Craftsmanship at Moorer is elevated to an art in order to create the most outstanding luxury garments. Ultimate comfort and elegance of simplicity are at the core of the brand’s vision. The Moorer brand has found its place between the major players due to their contemporary fit, attention to detail and high-quality materials.

The Bond-Fur Jacket this season is really an amazing piece.



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