The Cavour journey started back in 2013 when the brothers, Sebastian Scharnke & Richard Scharnke, decided that it was time to live out the dream out of a passion for well-made clothing and quality. The goal was to produce an custom-made feeling in ready-to-wear garments without paying a fortune. Today Cavour is more than a brand. Cavour soon got 4 brand stores in Oslo, Norway and are planning for international expansion.

    • Full Canvas Suits, jackets, coats & wool trouser is made in Naples
    • Made to measure full canvas suit, blazer & coat is made outsite Rome & Napels on two different ateliers.
    • 100% hand stitched made to measure garments are made in Tuscany
    • Shirts made in Firenze with hand stitched shoulders.
    • Hand tipped ties, Swimwear, silk scarves made in Como
    • Sweaters made in Milano
    • Leather jackets is made in Empoli


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