100 Hands

Your 100 Hands shirt takes birth over a period of 1.5 days where 100 hands of highly expert artisans take immense care to invisibly sew the body of the shirt with 25 stitches per inch. After a long and meticulous process, it is ready to be the finest of your wardrobe. The handwork ensures that every 100 Hands shirt of yours has a character of its own.

100 Hands differentiate theirselves by their craftsmanship (which is the soul of our shirts) and produce handcrafted shirts using the most traditional methods, many dating over 100 years.

Each shirt goes through the following process, amongst others:

Hand made patterns

Individually Hand Cut per shirt

Hand matched patterns (finest around the world)

Hand sewn collar and cuff

Hand sewn sleeves

Hand (un)fused collar and cuffs

Signature threadless stitching mechanics

Hand sewn monograms

Hand sewn Australian Mother of Pearl buttons

Handcrafted pleated shoulders (optional)

Invisible stitching with 25 stitches per inch

Hand sewn shoulders

One of a kind Hand Sewn buttonhole

Finest 2-3mm french single seams

Although the whole process is handcrafted, they are most proud of the level of PRECISION we put into each shirt.

You find your 100 Hands shirts in our store in Vikaterassen in Oslo, Norway or online.



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